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‘I feel so happy to know the deep embodiment of this offering within Nell, and the safe hands in which she will hold her students through midlife and beyond.’

Niamh Daly, Senior Yoga Teacher and Course Tutor


The stages of menopause can differ greatly from woman to woman. This transition in a woman’s life journey can last from a few months to many years and the range of symptoms experienced can be just as varied. In our society the menopause has often been equated with a sense of ending and historically women have been deprived of both knowledge and understanding of this emotional and physical journey.


Thankfully, we are now living at a time when the stigma and image of the menopause is rapidly changing as a growing number of female voices are speaking out to redefine this major part of a woman’s story. It is my desire to be part of that change and through Yoga for Menopause classes and workshops I hope to create safe spaces where women can become empowered and emboldened.


Yes, this transitional stage can be challenging but I believe that through movement, mindfulness, shared stories and community we can change our mindset and experience to move forward into the next phase of life with a sense of joy, strength and promise.


I am currently running weekly sessions on both Tuesday mornings and Wednesday evenings at The Yoga Tree in Norwich which incorporate both yoga movement and science-backed practices to support, strengthen and nourish women in the stages of both peri and post menopause.


You can learn more about these 2 projects by clicking the links below. And you are always welcome to get in contact for a chat via email or phone.


I look forward to seeing some of you wonderful women soon,


Warm wishes,


Nell x



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