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Join me every month for my fully immersive Sound Bath experience.



What is a sound bath?

A sound bath is a full-body, deeply immersive experience where a person is ‘bathed’ in sound waves, leading to a meditative state where release and healing can take place in both body and mind.


Though the concept of a sound bath may seem new, the practice of healing bodies through sound is thousands of years old and was used by the Ancient Greeks, Tibetans and Australian Aboriginal peoples to promote both physical and mental health.


In a sound bath the sound waves are produced by a variety of healing instruments such as singing bowls, percussion, chimes, rattles and gongs. The intention is not to produce a melody, but rather to balance the energy in the body through specific frequencies and vibrations, leading the listener into a deeper state of consciousness.

Benefits of a sound bath

Sound baths can help to release tension and stress, improve mood, improve sleep and even release physical pain! Many people also report increased energy, enhanced creativity and a deeper sense of spiritual well-being. 


What to expect?

My monthly sound baths are one hour long and participants usually lie on a yoga mat with a blanket over them and a cushion under their head. However, it is perfectly fine to adopt a different position, such as sitting on a chair, if that is better for your body. 


In the first few minutes you will be invited to focus on your breath and soften in both mind and body. You will then journey for 45 minutes through the sounds and vibrations of therapeutic instruments. These will slow the brainwaves from our normal waking state (beta) to the more relaxed alpha and even the dream-like theta brainwaves. It is in this state that deep healing can occur.


After 45 minutes the room will settle into silence, where your body can absorb all the benefits of the sound experience. In the last few moments, I will invite you to connect back into the room and I will close the practice. The intention is for you to leave feeling deeply relaxed, connected and positive.


I would love to see you there!



Weybourne Village Hall

NR25 7AH



The first Friday of every month



What to bring?

A mat (I have some to lend out – please let me know when booking if you would like to use one)

A blanket

A pillow / cushion


What to wear?

Loose, comfortable clothing



£12 per session

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