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A Winter Solstice Afternoon

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The winter solstice is the shortest day of the year with the longest, darkest night. It is a sacred time of great stillness, before the awakening and slow build towards brighter days. It is at this point in the year that the fruitful darkness of winter is at its deepest and it is a moment for us to move inwards in quiet reflection.


Yet it is also a time of light reborn, as we mark the beginning of the new solar year, a small lone light amidst the dark of winter. Often represented with a single burning candle, the winter solstice reminds us that out of dark comes light, where new inspirations can emerge.


In this afternoon together we will give ourselves space to pause and connect to these different aspects of the winter solstice. We will rest and release in the quiet of this dark moment of the year, knowing that through rest comes healing and growth. Yet we will also honour the return of the light, finding our own light within and clearing space for new beginnings.


Through yoga, crafting, rituals, social connection and sound mediation we will attune to this profound moment in the earth’s cycle and nourish both body and mind. Within the magic of community we will sit quietly in the beautiful stillness of winter while also welcoming back the newborn light.


I would love you to be there,

Nell x

Elements of the afternoon:

  • Hatha vinyasa yoga (all levels welcome)

  • Mince pies, muffins and hot drinks

  • Winter Solstice crafting (led by Amanda Roe)

  • Cacao ceremony, reflection and meditation

  • Restorative yoga 

  • Sound bath



Sunday 17 December 2023




Itteringham Village Hall, Church Street, Itteringham NR11 7AX


What to bring?

A yoga bolster (if you have one)

A pillow (full size, not a cushion)

A blanket

A yoga mat (if you have one)

What to wear?

Normal yoga gear for the first yoga practice

You are welcome to then change into looser, comfy clothing for the rest of the day



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