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Join me for my first of a series of new workshops to help strengthen your core knowledge of Yoga poses.


Yoga is a wonderful medicine for the body and soul and when practised mindfully, can strengthen muscles and joints, support healing and reduce chronic pain. However, as with all physical practices, we must also be aware that

repeated misalignments over time can be counterproductive and even lead to injury.


In this foundation workshop, the aim is to create a space where we can look carefully at some of the most widely practised yoga ‘asanas’ (poses), outside of a class or flow. We will look at how to access the pose at different levels

and how to ensure good healthy alignment within that shape. We will also highlight common weak spots within the

pose which can often lead to misalignment, and what we can do to counteract that. Additionally, we will consider

some of the key physical principles that underpin all movement in yoga, helping us to stay safe and strong.


The intention is that, by understanding better the ‘whys’ behind what we do on the mat, participants of the workshop

will come away feeling empowered and better able to take ownership of their practice. With good alignment and confidence comes a greater ease and flow, and so the yoga path becomes that little brighter still.


Oh… and it will also be great fun with muffins, tea and a walk on the beach! I hope to see you there.

Any questions, just give me a shout!


Who is this suitable for?

Especially useful for beginners but also for anyone who wants to refresh their practice


Time and dates:


Sat 11 March 10 – 11.30am*

Sat 18 March 10 – 11.30am*

*(Please note both workshops are the same content to allow for small groups. Places are limited to 10 each session)



Weybourne Village Hall,

NR25 7AH


Workshop breakdown:


40 mins – workshop

10 mins – muffins & tea

40 mins – workshop & relaxation

Optional extra: Coffee and walk on Weybourne beach (11.30am – 12.30pm)



£15 (includes refreshments and foundation booklet to take home)

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