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Welcome to Yoga With Nell, the serene space where you embark on your yoga journey with me, Nell Larsena Chislett.

By choosing to join a class, private session, or event, you're not just signing up for a transformative experience but also agreeing to our mutual terms - a handshake in the digital age, if you will.


Here's what you need to know:

Booking Basics:

Drop-in Classes: When you reserve your spot in a class, it's a commitment - to yourself and to me. That's why I ask for payment upon booking, securing your place in that specific session. Life happens, I get it, so if you need to cancel, just shoot me an email at at least 48 hours before class. Any later, and I'll miss your presence but the class will be considered attended from a billing perspective.

Workshops and Day Events: These special gatherings are a chance to dive deeper, and securing your spot requires full payment upfront. If for any reason you can't make it, passing your spot to someone else might be possible, but we'll need to chat first. Again, a 48-hour heads-up is needed for cancellations, or the session is marked as attended.

When Plans Change:

Cancellation Policies: I encourage everyone to have personal insurance. It's like a yoga mat for life - it provides support when you least expect it. If I have to cancel an event, you'll get your investment back, no strings attached. However, I can't cover other expenses, like travel or insurance costs.

Sometimes, life throws a curveball (hello, unexpected teacher substitutions or force majeure scenarios), and in those instances, I can't refund or bear the costs of external factors. Think of it as practicing yoga off the mat - sometimes, we need to find balance in the face of change.

The Nitty-Gritty:

Liability & Risk: Joining any session means you're ready to take responsibility for your well-being. I'm here to guide you,

but since I can't be there to adjust your poses physically, especially in online classes, listen to your body. It's your best teacher. And, of course, checking in with a healthcare provider before starting any new exercise regime is a wise move.

Privacy & Peace of Mind: Your privacy is sacred. I'll only hold onto your details with your permission and strictly for making our sessions work seamlessly.


Online Classes: Flexibility is key in yoga, but when it comes to bookings, if you're within that 48-hour window before your session, shifting or refunding isn't something I can offer. Remember, your practice is yours - I'm here to guide you, but you know your body best.

By stepping onto the virtual mat with me, you're not just agreeing to these terms but also embracing a practice of self-care and respect. Let's journey together, with mindfulness and understanding at the heart of every pose.

Namaste, Nell

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