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An evening to celebrate the summer solstice



The summer solstice is a time of blossoming. It represents a transition from the creativity of spring to the nourishment of summer and a shift in the Earth’s energy. The sun is at its highest point in the sky and we are flooded with light. 


This year, I am putting together a summer solstice evening on the beach so that we can celebrate this moment of light and possibility. Beginning with an hour of steaming ourselves in The Sauna Box (on the edge of the beach) and then diving into the sea, we can brighten and cleanse our systems, connecting to the fiery, abundant energy of the solstice. This will be followed by a nourishing and delicious picnic further up the beach which I will provide. Then a period of reflection with hot cacao and meditation and then finally closing the evening as the sun sets with a gentle sound bath on the beach shingle, deeply attuning to this moment of awakening.


I am so excited! However, there does lie the possible sabotage presented by the wonderful English weather, so if the second part of the evening is cancelled then I will be providing a 50% refund to everyone. Hopefully the sauna and sea swim should be able to go ahead even in the rain but we will assess that also if the weather looks super bad. Naturally if we cancel that part too then there will be a full refund.


But... fingers crossed for fantastic weather! Let’s manifest guys...



Thursday June 20 (the day of the summer solstice)




Meeting at The Sauna Box on the east promenade at Sheringham

Elements of the evening:

Sauna & sea swim

Picnic on the beach (provided by Yoga With Nell)

Hot cacao & meditation

Sound bath


What to bring?

Swimming gear & towel / dry robe

Warm clothes for afterwards

A blanket and something to rest your head on (cushion / jumper)

Drinking water




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