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Hi, I'm Nell...

I’m a teacher of hatha vinyasa yoga and a gong therapy practitioner. I am also qualified in Pre & Postnatal Yoga, Baby Yoga & Massage and Yoga for Menopause. I offer

a range of classes, workshops, sound baths and seasonal retreats, all designed to release tension, improve well-being and connect back to joy.


My passion lies in the power of movement and vibration to liberate and connect to the deeper self. It is my belief that we spend much of our lives (through modern-day necessity) in a state of disconnect from the deep, intuitive parts of our minds. I believe that this can contribute to the ever-growing levels of anxiety and stress commonly felt in our society nowadays. My offerings range from physical yoga practices to breathwork, mindfulness and sound meditation, all guiding us back to a place of wisdom and authenticity. Once we strengthen this connection internally, it can prove transformational in the way we navigate our lives

and relationships.


My primary influences are the Earth, the seasons, the elements and connecting back to the life source. By realigning myself back to the natural rhythms and energies

of the planet I am constantly supported, nourished and inspired. I often weave these themes into my classes and

it has been my greatest joy hearing about the positive ways this has been received by others.


It would be lovely to see you! Get in touch or book via the website if you would like to join a class.


Warm wishes


Nell x

What is Hatha Vinyasa Yoga?

Nell teaches hatha vinyasa yoga, also known as hatha flow yoga. The term hatha is considered an umbrella term for many types of yoga that are based around physical yoga postures. The word hatha literally means effort or force in Sanskrit referring to the physical effort of a yoga practice. But it also refers to the discipline of pranayama (breathwork) and meditation. Through these elements, we strive to balance and bring into harmony the different aspects of body and mind.


Vinyasa refers to a flowing quality. The Sanscrit word vinyasa can be broken down to nyasa which means ‘to place’ and vi which means ‘in a special way’. Vinyasa yoga is based around flowing sequences that are placed together intelligently, alongside the breath, to create a safe and transformational practice. The flowing from one pose to another leads us to cultivate an awareness of linking each action to the next – one breath at a time.


However, while there are many rewards of a flow-based practice, Nell also places great importance on good alignment and staying safe in poses. There are moments in Nell’s classes when flows are paused to break down a posture and ensure an understanding of how to access it safely. Nell aims to create a healthy balance of these two elements in her yoga teaching to provide the most beneficial experience for her students.

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